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Before you follow this guide, please make sure you have Created a Listing. This step is important as you will require a uniquely generated API link.

Our API system is built with the idea of simplicity, a minimalistic approach to setup and usage, it is of great concern that many vote for points systems that are currently being used do not use any sort of json call-backs or any tracking to validate the users actually vote once they click the link, your website in return rewards players points for the click and not the voting, Our API system aims to implement a unique way of correcting this problem, once a user clicks a link to vote, you can be safe in knowing that that click actually mattered, and their vote was contributed towards your server listing, this is done by using a uniquely generated API token that exists only for your account, that allows your website to authenticate itself and vote on your behalf, each vote is tracked by IP Address, meaning even with authentication, anyone can vote for your listing. To make things even easier we have created a guide with images that you can follow to successfully use such feature.

Getting Started

Adding a Vote Site

Asset Images

Vote Site configuration

Finishing Up

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