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One of the main concepts that we would like to introduce to visitors and server owners is the concept of cards. A card is another name for your server listing, bundled up and shown alongside others in a presentable card format. We have invested a huge amount of time in making sure that it is enjoyable and easy to both update and create a listing, there is much more we wish to implement in the future and you can incorporate your ideas on your subreddit at r/ragnaranks where they will be acted upon and feedback left.

Here we will describe a normal flow of creating a card, the validation messages, required fields and meanings and helping you alongside the process.

Starting out

Understanding the layout

Detailing your card

Completed detailing example

alt text

Configuring your card

#### Player Configuration Setup

Completed configuration example

alt text

Saving Your new Card

Once you are happy with your new card detailing & configuration, and no validation or issues have occured, you should see a bright blue button titled Save my new server listing alt text You should now see a notification providing feedback of your listing being created. alt text

Visiting the homepage and browsing for your new card should show your listing with the provided background and tags. alt text


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